Premier Access Exchange

Wish you could make your vacation longer than a week? Want to take friends with you? Can’t get away for seven days straight? Not going to use your week this year? No problem! Members have many options that allow you to get the most our your use time…

Premier Access Exchange
“Premier Access Family of Resorts” is a collection of popular resorts in highly rated destinations. Request your exchange to any resorts in the Premier Access Family as far as 12 months in advance and pay no exchange fee.

Discounts When Exchanging Outside the PA Family of Resorts
Enjoy a $30 discount on every exchange to any of our 500+ available resorts in the TPI system.

  • Review Trading Places’ Exchange Directory: Click Here
  • Look at Available Exchange Inventory Online: Click Here

Borrow Weeks
Borrow future weeks up to two years ahead for a longer stay or to share additional unit with friends and family. Maintenance fees must be prepaid to borrow future weeks.

Extend Your Banked Week for a Third Year
Bank your week with Trading Places and get two years to exchange…extend for an additional year for a nominal fee.

How to Exchange

1. Deposit Your Week:
Contact your representative at 866-218-2791 ext. 100 to deposit your week.
  • Depositing (banking) your week means giving up your time now (putting it into the “bank”) and receiving credit to use for a future exchange. Depositing early is always recommended.
  • Maintenance fees must be paid prior to depositing.
2. Exchange Your Week:
Either in the same phone call or at a later date, contact us to exchange your week and plan the perfect vacation.
  • Request your exchange to any resort in the Premier Access Family of Resorts as far as 12 months in advance and pay no exchange fee.
3. Pack Your Bags!
Your vacation is planned…now you can sit back and relax!